The Calc Carb Child

chubby baby

This is how Calc Carb appears in the Materia Medica under the heading ‘Children’s Types’.

Children are slow in teething and walk late.Complaints of teething children, convulsions, sour diarrhoea, tardy teething and late walking. Children do not put their feet down on the ground. Emaciated children with big head and big belly. Patients are susceptible to cold. Cold moist air chills through and through, takes cold easily especially in chest. Dull lethargic children who do not want to play.  Children are self willed. Child is afraid of everything it sees. Nightmares and poor sleep. Imagines someone in their room. Fear of monsters. Obstinate. Irritable, cries about trifles, borrows trouble. Visions of fire, murder, rats and mice in delirium. Feels as if she would run up and down and scream.

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